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Principal's Message

We are excited to start another school year here in Kalispell.  My first year as principal at Elrod was 2004 and our school worked hard to be recognized as a Blue Ribbon School in 2010 based on the hard work of our staff, dedication of our students and support from the Elrod families.  In 2012, I decided to take an Assistant Principal position at Kalispell Middle School.  I enjoyed 8 great years at KMS and then returned to Elrod in 2020.  By 2020, the Elrod staff had changed in face and name, but one obvious similarity has been how much the Elrod staff cares for students and their colleagues to the point that we make up a great daytime family.  With the support of the Elrod parents and the greater Kalispell community, we strive to set a foundation for the success of our students for years to come.  

If you have questions, please email me at  Thanks and I hope this calendar year is good to all.



Jeff Hornby

Elrod Principal

Jeff Hornby - Principal